How to : Create Hyperlapse with DJI Osmo

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Recently purchased a DJI Osmo and couldn’t find a motion timelapse option? Stop looking, It’s not there. DJI Osmo does not have the motion timelapse feature compared to the DJI Osmo+ I’m not sure why DJI won’t just add this feature to the Osmo when it is basically the same Zenmuse X3 camera but with added zoom on the Osmo+ which will cost you a bit more for a couple of features that can really be added on the software side. Good thing we have other developers in the world that actually cares. I found an app to help me achieve this feature with my DJI Osmo and has worked effectively well for me and I’m here to share it with you.

Hyperlapse / Motion Timelapse can be achieved by taking multiple photos through the course of time with added camera motion. This is technique is used to show passage of time and it’s really awesome to watch. Although it’s tedious and time consuming, and when I say time consuming it’s basically time spent that you will never get back just by doing this. So I suggest doing something productive alongside timelapses.

Watch this sample.

Cool right? Alright let’s get this tutorial started. Some things you need to know before we get started.

Required to do this :

  • DJI Osmo.
  • Tripod for stability.
  • Tripod mount for DJI Osmo. Here’s a cheap one Click this.
  • Litch for Osmo app (cost $8.99 in the app store)
  • Patience

For extended use :

The current DJI Osmo operates around 30-45 mins and sometimes I like to extend my timelapse to show more passage of time. in this situation you will need a bigger battery for your Osmo. Here are some options.

  • If you have a Mavic Pro Battery, get this.
  • If you have a Phantom 4 Battery, get this.
  • If you have a Phantom 3 Battery, get this.
  • If you have a nearby outlet, get this.

Step 1

Pick a subject and location for the motion timelapse and setup your DJI Osmo on the tripod.

Setup your Osmo on a Tripod

Step 2

Start the Litchi App and make sure to kill DJI Go app as it will interfere with Litchi. Do this by going to your settings and force stop the DJI Go app.

Step 3

Set your camera settings before starting. Set it to manual to be consistent on all shots. Also you need to do this in JPG format as it cannot shoot short intervals on RAW.

  • ISO and Shutter Speed
  • White balance
  • Image size
  • Saturation
  • Color profile
  • Sharpness
  • Contrast
  • Hue

Step 4

Start motion control, set the start and end position. make sure your desired start and end position is less than 180° as the motion control will determine the shortest distance between two points and generate motion.

Step 5

Set the interval and duration for the timelapse. save and start then you wait. grab popcorn or do some drone shots or anything productive while you wait. remember it is time spent you will never get back.

Step 6

You’re done! you now have a bunch of JPG’s in your SD card to work with. as for converting it to a timelapse clip. I will write another tutorial about it. for now make sure you leave a thanks for showing me support.

If you’re a visual learner you can watch the video tutorial here.



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